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The Heart of the Matter: What is Truth?

This book is dedicated to the Ladies Bible Study group from Tweedsmuir Presbyterian Church in Orangeville, where together we explored the Gospel of John and is available through Amazon and Kindle. The Lord Jesus prayed for His disciples down through the ages: “Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth” (John 17:17), demonstrating His reliance on the words of scripture. Since He also claimed to be “The Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6) our response to His sacrifice for sin, yours and mine, determine if we are children of God. “Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, to them He gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12)..Particularly relevant to the day in which we live is Jesus’ desire for us “to have Life and to have it to the full ( John 10:10 NIV; KJV uses the word “abundantly” to describe the life we may have through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ). Particularly comforting is Jesus’ claim “I am the Good Shepherd” (John 10:11). He goes on to assure His disciples then and now “I give them [My sheep] eternal Life and they shall never perish” (John 10:28). These truths go straight to the heart of the matter, even for us living in the twenty-first century. It is my prayer that this short summary of our studies will create a further desire for in-depth Bible study.

Marilyn's Meditations

The Westminster Catechism tells us “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”. This has been Marilyn’s life-long passion! Her own faith journey, filled with both disappointment and pain, adventure and joy, has informed her experiences as a mother and grandmother.

As a counselor she has listened to many stories of fear and helplessness, even hopelessness and despair; as a Bible teacher, she has thrilled to see the truths of scripture come alive in hearts that surrendered those feelings to God! Marilyn was given the “Golden Rule Award” for her contribution to the lives of others at home and abroad, awarded by the IPI, representative of the UN.

This book is an accumulation of God-thoughts, compiled from her morning devotions. For those who already have a relationship with Jesus Christ, Creator, Messiah, Savior, these meditations will enhance their walk with God. For those who are suffering from pain and sorrow, stress and anxiety, it is Marilyn’s hope that God will speak comfort and lift the spirits of those who need to know a solution can be found in Him.

John Stott reminds us of how important it is to expound the Biblical text with accuracy and to relate scripture to contemporary life, since the Holy Bible is the source of all we know about our heavenly Father. Its riches will never be exhausted, but Marilyn invites you to explore them with her in daily meditation.

Feed My Sheep: Life Skills Training

How many looked at the news this morning? No doubt some of our world was in chaos – nations, churches, individuals, communities. Challenged by fear and anger it’s not hard to see the need for peace that Jesus came to give.

It has been a great privilege for me to teach docs and nurses, pastors and lay-leaders and women about the value of relationships within the body of Christ. Our mandate is to love – our families, the Christian community, our neighbours and our enemies! With nowhere to turn for help, people should be able to recognize the church as the institution of healing that Jesus intended it to be when He commanded His disciples to love one another.…the job description?

Feed My Sheep.

Help them to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word!

I started putting together principles of counseling, which broaden into Life Skills Training, summarizing 15 years of teaching Biblical counseling. Initially I intended it for the African Church which has few Bibles, so there is a lot of Biblical content.

A friend who was proof-reading the book wanted to use it to teach his College and Careers class and suggested it could be used as a tool for evangelism and discipleship.

From the beginning God viewed his people as sheep needing a shepherd. (Numbers 27:16-17) David identified the Lord as his shepherd in his most famous Psalm 23. Jesus, according to his own description was the good shepherd (John 10:14) and equipped his followers (Hebrews 13:20) “with everything good for doing his will.”

I am so excited that UGCSI has asked me to develop a pilot project called “Women’s Crisis & Trauma Counseling Online Certificate Program”,

using this book as their text. Your prayers would be very much appreciated! I believe this is a book that should be in every church library because Jesus came to bridge the gap between God and man and asks that the church do the same by feeding and nurturing his sheep.

Print edition available in the Webstore...Amazon...ect.

eBook edition available from the iTunes bookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, and the Kobo eBookstore.

I am the Women's Ministry leader at the Deliverance Baptist Church in Dominica. A few weeks ago a Missionary Team from Canada visited our island and brought some good word to our people, really thankful for that and was truly blessed with the sound word.

I was given a book for the Women's Ministry 'Feed My Sheep' written by you. Thank you very much for this gift, I have started reading and found the book to be very insightful. When I am done I will be passing it along to other members for reading.  

Thank you once again and may God bless you.

Annette Gloria Boney

Dear servant of God,

Thank you so much for your reply,I real appreciate you so much for praying for our country,and I believe God has heard your prayers and he is going to help our nation for we far Him so much.

Mum, we are real happy to study your teachings for where we have reached so far we can real testify that God is using you to open our hearts and spiritual mind.

I and my beloved wife are praying for you God`s mercy and favor to be upon you while you are traveling in and out.Mum you are free t send to us the study when you are ready so that we can continue to study and answer the questions.

Sister you are not so busy as much at Christmas, what I was to request you is to send us some lessons so that we can study for this to me can be part of what we will be doing during this days.Also am free to tell you that I and my wife we have programed ourselves where that now we can study your studies free for we agreed we will studying morning hours that as from 5.00AM to 7.00AM also we will be doing this as from 9.00 pm 11.00pm at night we agreed to do this 3days a week because we realized that we we study your notes we get more Revelations that helps us even to teach and preach he Gospel.So please know that we devoted our life to learn more from you.

For this we pray that God the almighty be with you always.Take our greetings to your family, people and the church there and even when you will reach USA give our greetings.My wife say you have encouraged her so much in the word since she started reading your notes.

God bless you richly and give you good health Mum,We real love you.


Brother Denis N.Sosi.

I have known Marilyn Daniels for over a decade. She has been a considered colleague and a faithful friend. She has devoted most of that time to a charitable organization committed to the theological advancement and education of those living in Africa, South America and Caribbean. 

As a registered nurse, Marilyn continues to be actively involved in many medical mission trips to assist with improving basic medical necessities and educating health care workers, mothers and women. She also uses the opportunity to bear witness of the Gospel to everyone she meets during these trips. 

Marilyn recently retired from her administrative role in the office which she tackled with pride and commitment. She now pursues a writing endeavour with the same dedication and passion she brought towards her counseling clients. She extends grace, love and compassion to everyone God put in her path. Even through the most trying of times, Marilyn has never failed to put her faith in God first. 

Her love of God is apparent in how she carries out her daily life. She is God’s witness to her family, friends and strangers alike. And now, she is ready to share the lessons she has learned and the faithful way God has provided throughout her life. I know you will enjoy her first book and look forward to many more in the future.


Nicole Bain BBA

"I have seen Marilyn's passion to help others in their walk with God during our mission trips to Kenya and Zambia. And coupled with her passion is her precision in using God's Word to minister to those in need. Both aspects will definitely bleed through the fabric of this book."

Roy Verzosa (D. Min.)

Founder & Lecturer

The Apollos Project


Champion Life Centre - Scarborough

Feed My Sheep is written by a woman who has spent much of her life undertaking this vital ministry in various countries of the world. Her own personal life skills are a testimony to the fact that she is well qualified to write about this needful training so lacking in the Christian community at large. The heartbeat of the author is for men and women to learn and develop life skills from this book, skills that will enrich their desire to do as Jesus commanded…”Feed my sheep”

Marilyn Duguid

Toronto Jewish Mission Board Member

"I have known Marilyn Daniels for almost 50 years. We went to the same church, worked together in the youth program and her children and mine grew up together as cousins. We worked together as board members for Mission for Advancing Theological Education. So I have seen Marilyn in many contexts for many years. 

She has always demonstrated a godly character and a passion for her personal relationship with the Lord. She consistently shows a desire to make her faith known to others especially in other countries and this has led her to do missionary work in both South America and Africa.

Marilyn writes from her heart, from a rich life of experiences walking with the Lord, and with her Bible open to guide her teaching. Her many years of walking with the Lord through challenging circumstances in life have given her a gentleness of expression and a heart that is full of love for others.

I highly commend her as an author whose concern is to honor the Lord in all of her life and to guide others into a closer and more intimate relationship with the Lord. May her book be a blessing to people everywhere.

Gordon Rumford L.Th., H.B.A., M.A. M.T.S. (Cand.)

Executive Director

Gordon Rumford Ministries

"Anyone involved in Christian counselling would love this book as it is easy to follow. The resources and scenarios in the book provide a wealth of knowledge and skills for counselors. Marilyn is not merely sharing her nursing experience in life but the love and compassion in Jesus Christ. Fronica Yiu, BScN, MTS."

NCF - Nurses Christian Fellowship Canada

Marilyn Daniels has been a chaplain serving the busiest airport in Canada,

ministering to a diverse population with empathy and care. Further, she

was assigned to serve Singles at The Peoples Church, where her experience resulted in a

fruitful ministry.

Dr. Timothy Starr, The Peoples Church, Toronto, Canada 

God meets us where we are and as we are. It was a delight to have had Marilyn Daniels serve with the ministry of MATE/FCC in every area between office administrator and cleaner, and to have worked alongside with her in the mission field as mission coordinator, counselor and Bible teacher. Her sixteen years of consecutive mission trips took her annually to countries in the Caribbean, South America and Africa where her training in medicine (as a retired nurse), teaching the Word of God and especially counseling and “Training of Women to Counsel other Women in Crisis” have been of tremendous value and life changing experience. Her years of experience and service have been condensed in this book “FEED MY SHEEP” which I am certain you will find to be of great benefit and blessing. May you find the living Lord opening His arms of love to you as you page through this book, and may it be to you what many have benefited from its contents – LIFE TRANSFORMING.

Dr. Arnold Doobay

Executive Director, MATE/FCC Canada

(Mission for Advancing Theological Education/

Friends Committed to Caring)

I know and have worked with MARILYN DANIELS for several years. She is a devout Christian who loves her Lord and has given time and organizational and administrative skills on a voluntary basis for years to the Mission for the Advancement of Theological Education, otherwise known as MATE, here in Toronto. She had made and led annual medical and teaching missions trips to Guyana, Kenya and other places in developing countries, especially with women and especially in the area of Life Skills. She had also led the Singles ministry at our Church with competence and devotion. I would recommend highly you read and grow through her book, LIFE SKILLS.

Rev. Jim Chang

Minister of Pastoral care

The Peoples Church

Toronto, Ontario

I have had the privilege of sharing Marilyn's passion to use her skills so that "His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven". This book comes from a heart that knows the joy of feeding Christ's sheep and will be valuable addition to the work of his kingdom.

Robert Forsey MD FCFP, FRRMS

Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at MUN

"board member" of Northern Cross Community Church in Goose Bay Labrador