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Posted by kelvinbueckert on May 19, 2019 at 5:10 PM

Hebrews 3:7

History carries a certain charm for some folks, myself included. I love to study the nature of human beings throughout the ages, their intellectual accomplishments, the passions that drove them to do exploits, their gifts in art and music. It is fascinating to review how environment, education and experience form waves of thought that colour culture through eons of time.


Yesterday I watched a program on Alexandria in Egypt, developed and named after the great Alexander of Greece. Here, in the place where he put his name Alexander planned to bring all knowledge, to build a library like no other, complete in science, medicine, history, education and the arts. What a goal! Brilliant minds of men and women were drawn into his vision, making Alexandria the hub of the intelligentia of that day.


The hostess of my TV program enthusiastically led us step by step through stages of growth in this great city. Of course there was reference to religious ideology and the role it played. Many studied a variety of religious philosophies. When the new religion Christianity was brought by Mark, many converts were won to this faith. He became one of the first Christian martyrs because exception was taken to his preaching. Mark announced Jesus is the only way to God, in the midst of a multi-religious milieu. How daring! After all, it would seem, said our young hostess, that for centuries many religions had lived together there in peace and harmony, so why disrupt the status quo?


Years later a Christian leader came who was interested in more than just religion – he wedded it with politics, causing uproar in the city. This culminated in its final destruction. In the ensuing riots treasured historical artifacts were destroyed, and unfortunately, lives were lost.


I asked myself what our gentle Saviour would have thought. He came to bring love and peace and joy; the Holy Spirit produces this fruit in the lives of believers does He not? Was this the way Jesus recommended when He told His followers to live peaceably with all men as much as possible? (Mark 9:50).


Forward 2000 years. Today! Our world is in chaos. Even Canada has been under attack. There is uproar by the media when someone mentions the truth about one way to God.

The question is – How are we going to respond? Sadly I hear Christians talking hatefully about those people groups who disagree with the Bible. Jesus recommended a practical point. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:44-45). This was a new doctrine, unknown in the Old Testament, where an eye for an eye was practised.


Today I remember that more than 65 years ago the love of Jesus touched my heart. I was well aware I was a naughty child. I have made bad choices from time to time and am sure I have grieved the heart of God. Did He give up on me? No!...and among those who do not yet know Jesus, even those who like Paul are persecuting Christians, there may be those who will become children of the kingdom. For this reason alone we must love them enough to pray for them.



But the Lord Jesus didn’t just sit in heaven praying for the Israelites to get their perspective on God right. He became personally engaged in their spiritual struggle. He loved, to the death. Is it possible that today He calls us, His representatives on earth to do the same?

How do Jesus’ ambassadors represent Him on earth today?

Are you His representative in word and in deed? 

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