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Why Do We Need God?

Posted by kelvinbueckert on March 16, 2019 at 1:05 PM

Matthew 13:45-46

He is an old man. He just discovered what it means to be born again. After a life-time of going to church, why does he need such a unique relationship with God? He lived a good life. He doesn’t hate anyone, and isn’t angry with anyone. He doesn’t swear any more. According to a certain code of Christian ethics he should qualify to go to heaven.


Looking back, this man can see where the hand of God was always on his life. He lived after a serious accident when he was just a small child. In and out of hospital for years, he had no idea at the time that an invisible God was looking after him. He grew up in a good home. Even after his mother died following the birth of her 8th child, his father was able to keep the family together and God provided nurturing through his mother’s sister. Without advanced education he got a good job through which he rose over the years to a position of supervisor. God provided for him financially so that in retirement he and his wife were able to enjoy traveling. Altogether it was the good life! Why did he need God?


The miracle of rebirth is when we come to a place where we can see that we needed God all along. He guarded and guided, protected and provided without our realizing, but for the grace of God things might have been so different. We might have been born on the other side of the world and never have met those people we know and love. We might have suffered abandonment, under-privilege, hunger and thirst, or financial desperation, but for where God placed us. Without realizing how needy we were, we did need God.


Jesus talked specifically about our relationship with God. He told a parable about a pearl of great value that a man found and desperately coveted. He actually sold everything he had to pay for this beautiful pearl. This parable can tell two stories. Jesus sold all that He had to purchase His people, those who would form the kingdom of God. He gave up His status in heaven as well as His human life on earth. One cannot give more than that to any cause. This He did for you and me.


Another interpretation calls us to follow the Master in self-sacrifice. What might we be willing to give up in order to follow Jesus? Do we really want to be a part of His great kingdom? Would He really call us to serve Him in a foreign country? Or would He just ask us to go across the hall in our apartment building to share His love with foreign neighbours? How do we express our gratitude to God for keeping His hand upon our lives, blessing us with so many spiritual blessings, not to mention the material things we enjoy?


Why did Jesus write in parables? How does this one speak to you?

Would you say your faith is of such great value that you would give up everything, or even sell everything, if it could be bought?

Contemplate the free gift of salvation that God is offering the world today through Jesus Christ our Lord.

What would life look like for us without God?

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